The Victory Eights A Cappella Group, or V8s, was inspired by Abigail Halsy Van Allen (‘44) after she attended a concert held at Williams College in 1942. Delighted with the performances given by the Williams Quartet and the Bennington College Double Quartet, Van Allen quickly realized there was no group like this at Mount Holyoke. So with this bright idea and burning passion, she gathered seven peers who shared a love for singing and they have since started the long-standing force that is the Victory Eights.

The eight singers first practiced secretly, building and perfecting their repertoire, until it was time for their big debut; however, they needed a name for their octet. The spring of 1942 marked only four months since the attack on Pearl Harbor and the depths of war cast despair across the country. Even through the pain and despair, the nation prevailed and Winston Churchill’s iconic V-sign, formed with his index and middle fingers, glimmered "Victory." Victory became the spirit of the times, as well as the spirit of the newly named Victory Eights.

The Victory Eights performed publicly for the first time on October 2nd, 1942, and have been continuously performing in classy black and white apparel for more than seventy-five years! With over 200 alumnae, the Victory Eights continue to grow and remain as talented as ever!