1. Executive Director
    Simon Dutton '20
    Fun Fact: I worked for a couple years under the official title "Pirate" Loves: my dog, handbells, hot cocoa and warm blankets VOTED MOST INSPIRATIONAL
  2. Executive Director
    Sal Cosmedy '20
    Secret Talent: Trees do favors for me Loves: Beavers and their lil feet and their dams and their lodges and their love
  3. Executive Director
    Savita Diggs '21
    Loves: Reading, Brooklyn 99, mint everything, bright yellow Lives by: "do anyone's grandma don't knit" -Blythe VOTED MOST GOOFY
  4. Executive Director
    Sabrina Huynh '21
    Assistant Business Manager
    Fun Fact: I used to have more than 50 Care Bears Loves: pistachios and Annalise Keating
  5. Executive Director
    Juliet Greenwood '21
    Business Manager
    Fun Fact: I can make the sound of a dog whistle Lives by: "Drink more water"
  6. Executive Director
    Mamou Samaké '21
    Secret Talent: I can sometimes guess exactly what time it is Loves: dancing the Cupid Shuffle
  7. Executive Director
    Sophie Schweik '23
    Secret Talent: I can make a chicken noise Lives by: "Make positive change within your sphere of influence"
  8. Executive Director
    Katie Pecora '22
    Fun Fact: I own 9 pairs of vans Lives by: "You've lived through 100% of your worst days, and you'll live through another one"
  9. Executive Director
    Sabryna Coppola '22
    Social Chair
    Fun Fact: I met Tan France in a McDonald's Lives by: "You can never have too many cups of tea"
  10. Executive Director
    Isabel DiBiasio-Hudson '23
    Secret Talent: Climbing Trees Loves: midnight dance parties!
  11. Executive Director
    Margaret Hwang '20
    Fun Fact: I've travelled to all 50 states Lives by: "You gotta do what you gotta do, including the things you don’t want to do"
  12. Executive Director
    Irene Thomas '21
    Fun Fact: I raised a baby hummingbird! Lives by: "hhhyah!" -Link, Legend of Zelda
  1. Executive Director
    Tina '42
    Secret Talent: I can sing 8 octaves Lives by: "Somewhere there's music, how faint the tune"
Adorned on the walls of the practice room, plastered on water bottles and laptops, and even softly chanted before every performance, the llama serves as the oh-so-loved mascot for the Victory Eights. The origin of how the V8s came to love llamas traces back to 2008 when a member invited the group to visit her lovely llama farm, but different members may tell you otherwise! No matter its origin, llamas are happily embraced and will continue to be a symbol for love and silliness for the Victory Eights.